Welcome to MOVE Editorial! Look through our website, and think about ways you may want to contribute! For detailed information about what we are accepting, refer to the individual pages titled Narratives, Discussions, and Volunteer Journal, as well as to the Information page. We have a focus in personal stories, medical and non-medical research, and most importantly, an interest in uniting humanities, science, and community service. Once again, we want to welcome you.

By Dr. Mohamed Osman

By Dr. Mohamed Osman


6 responses to “Home

  1. Dhiraj Luitel

    Hi, I have 10 years public health experience in developing countries in south east Asia. I would like to write something based on my experience, from thoses communities which I worked with. If you feel that I can contribute a little bit, you can use me. Thank you for your initiatives. Yours Sincerely, Dhiraj

  2. Ainembabazi Michael

    Truly, I would be interested to contribute as we struggle to make our communities healthier and enable our people leave responsible health lives. I thank you

  3. Hi, I should be glad to write something abou successes in public healt in Serbia, ex Yugoslav republic. If you are truly interested in- I can write about that.
    We have our magazine for health and environment Eko-Med.
    Thank you

    dr Bozana Peregi

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