The Rocking Horse Winner: A Reflection

By Yasmine Badaoui

The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence is a fantastic fairytale-esque story filled with many timeless themes including materialism, happiness, fable, and love. The fable’s message that comes to mind is “CAPTALISM KILLS”.  Written in such a haunting way, it gave me chills. I agreed very much with the underlying theme of this horror story; that money and the material world are not grounds for happiness. It was exemplified by the relationship of the young gambling prodigy and his mother, and the house which whispered a constant need for monetary gain. I felt the house served as a great personification for the mother’s heart and her conflict with love. It is a relationship very much worth examining in the text, as it serves as a major fable component in the story.


The relationship between the mother and son is vividly portrayed. It echoed the Freudian concept of the oedipal complex without the sexual presentation. The imagery of the piece was also central to the plot and solidified the haunting ending which I won’t spoil here. All of the symbolic elements present in the story, along with its pacing, and eloquent diction gives a good lesson in how a short story should be written. The wisdom of the last line is something I’m still currently brooding over and still not really sure what to make of… but this story is definitely one that I recommend for the curious reader.

Want to read the book? Here is the link below.


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