Who Moved My Damn Remote

By Ahmad Ballout

Change. Although this amorphous issue is an inevitable part of human life, I find it quite strange that people constantly resist the process for various reasons. Change disrupts and challenges the cozy paradigm we’ve built for ourselves, leaving us overwhelmed in a state of acute discomfort.  Intrinsic to our personal paradigm of how life “should be”, lie in our unique individual experiences that we’ve endured. Whether it’s from childhood, friendships, relationships, family structure, culture, religion, etc. all of these forces have shaped and altered our perspectives and core beliefs. On top of that, our reaction to change is contingent on psychological factors and circumstance; current emotional states, moods, etc. Therefore, due to these unavoidable subtleties, you wouldn’t expect everyone to react identically to change. However, there appears to be an overarching, universal, timeless force that continuously works against us. It keeps our lives stagnant, halting our dreams, aspirations, and relationships; FEAR.

File:Little Miss Muffet 2 - WW Denslow - Project Gutenberg etext 18546.jpg

For many, change is a source of fear – fear of stress, fear of inadequacy, fear of the unknown. The ironic thing about fear is that for something very much an illusion, it is often perceived with great vibrancy, falsely convincing us of its undeniable authenticity. Fear, given enough attention, can possess great power in grasping our minds, and eventually playing a vital role in our decision-making. Because it is fueled by us, it is also controlled by us. Whether we give in to it, or dissociate from it, remains a personal choice. Often times, the choice is not very obvious, as it requires a particular learned level of cognizance to recognize, and higher level courage to dissociate from.

I believe a major reason we often hold on to fears and insecurities, lies in our inability to take full responsibility for failure. We use fear as an antidote to excuse shortcomings, to lessen our liability for not living  up to the ideals and paradigms we’ve created. Because, certainly my defeats are no way my fault entirely. “I didn’t make it because I was never intelligent enough;I was never big enough; My parents never even graduated high school.” BULLSHIT.

So, as I embark on this journey through life, I remain hopeful in recognizing fear, embracing change, and ultimately finding the courage to take accountability for personal defeat.

“Fear is such a weak emotion that’s why I despise it” ~LupeFiasco


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