Visual Hallucination

Artwork and caption by Mohamed Osman, MD


I am positive about seeing people whom I know. 
My family says there is no one there. 
I am not on drugs and I don’t feel sick
I am not under any stress of life.
My vision is perfect.
I don’t even wear glasses.

I am a product of full term pregnancy.
I never suffered from any medical condition in my past.
My family is always supportive.

I had trouble communicating with friends.
I could not establish close relationship with a man.
I don’t have genetic predisposition to psychiatric disorder.

Am I suffering from a psychiatric disorder.
Am I hallucinating.
What could otherwise be attributed to my hallucination.
Are there people with extraordinary perceptions that
allow them to see things that others are unable to see!

What should I Do.
Do I need  treatment.


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