You Don’t Know Jack Schidt

By Jack Schidt (pseudo name), MD Candidate

Medical Student, Saint George University School of Medicine

Jack sat on the metal chair of the copy-cat café in Detroit Metro International airport. He couldn’t understand why they still made these chairs. They’re so goddamned uncomfortable. But then again, maybe that’s the idea. “Eat your shitty croissant, and bugger off,” he imagined them saying. Whoever they were supposed to be.

Airport Seating

Airport Seating

He smiled at the thought, and accepted the challenge of staying in his seat until his flight started boarding. He was heading to Grenada to become a doctor. He didn’t even know what language they spoke in Grenada until a few weeks ago. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to be a doctor. But he made a deal with himself and there was no going back now.

He took a sip of coffee and tried not to show how scared he was as he smiled at a cute girl that passed by. The coffee was a lot cheaper than it cost and it tasted burnt.

Jack called home again to preempt a worried call from his mother. He reassured her and said his goodbyes, then checked his watch. There was twenty minutes left until boarding, but there was no way in hell he could make it that long before his ass gave out. He threw his coffee in the trash and headed for the gate.


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