Author Guidelines


Narrative (noun): a story that is told or written

Narrative. (n.d.). Retrieved February 3, 2015, from

In this section we are looking for personal stories! We are looking for narratives of most kinds, and we welcome you to share your stories, whether normal day-to-day events or more profound encounters, this is where you can share your story!

Clinical narratives:

  • Clinicians, nurses, psychologists, and others should submit their experience with patients, while maintaining the patient’s full privacy and anonymity. We want personal stories that may relay triumph, sorrow, or profound insights. The encounter may also be an ordinary everyday encounter with a patient, and that maybe the beauty of the story altogether. We sometimes gloss over experiences that we classify as mundane, but at further examination, the mundane is only mundane because we treated it and labeled it so! (Keep submission below 1000 words)

Personal narratives:

  • Teachers, students, engineers, and anyone else with a personal story of a unique encounter with someone may submit under this category. Remember, a unique encounter may be a very ordinary encounter with a person, place, or “thing”, but the way it is written, worded, and remembered is what may bring out the uniqueness. Do not hold back because you think you do not have a “unique” encounter, as everyday we have some encounters that are overlooked, but at a more thorough investigation, some good story-telling can be made! As for encounters with things, some of us have memories with a toy, a pet, a collection of rocks, etc… (Keep submission below 1000 words)


Discussion (noun): the act of talking about something with another person or a group of people: a conversation about something: a speech or piece of writing that gives information, ideas, opinions, etc., about something

Discussion. (n.d.). Retrieved February 3, 2015, from

In this section we are looking for informational pieces worthy to share and maybe to discuss! We are looking for opinions, which could be of current and pressing issues or something that you’ve been thinking about and want to share. Also in this section, you may provide original research about a given topic or you may comment on an existing research finding that you’ve read about.  We will be accepting case reports in this section for health care and mental healthcare workers who want to publish their cases in order to teach or to share important findings.


  • Submit your unique thoughts or your commentary on contemporary or historical issues that you find significant. Most importantly, we want opinions and commentary on subjects that may link the humanities and human health. Do not be discouraged and think that the opinion you give must include topics in health! Anything that is enriching to the human spirit may fit this criteria. Whether it is an opinion on a historical figure, or a commentary on a current health topic, or a sharing of your taste in classical music, all of these things can creatively fit into the criteria of “linking humanities and human health”. We want to break the divide between humanities and health, as they are two disciplines that explain the human experience. (Keep submission below 750 words)


  • This is for students and scholars alike! Do you do research in a subject related to human sciences, literature, history, public health, etc… If you do, and want to submit your research project, or an abstract, or a poster presentation, this is the place to do so. It will likely reach an audience that a scholarly journal may not! And best of all, it will be freely available online. It would be nice to get some anthropological research on here… (Keep submission below 1500 words)


  • Submit your case reports here! Physicians and other clinicians (physician assistants, psychologists, social workers, etc…) this is the section for you. Submit your formulated cases, while respecting patient anonymity and privacy. This is where you can share your thought process and interesting cases for free. For a case to be accepted, we do not need it to be of a rare ailment, but there has to be a creative component to the style it is written in. It should include the case presentation, and a conclusion that relays the creative and/or thought process and emotions of the writer. (Keep submission below 750 words)

Volunteer Journal

Volunteer (noun): a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service

Volunteer. (n.d.). Retrieved February 3, 2015, from

Submit your experience with volunteer work, community, or other human service that you’ve done and it could be featured in this section! You don’t have volunteering or service experience? Well, do you have an idea for a project or an organization? If you do, you can submit that here as well. We want to encourage students and professionals to write about their ideas for community service, share their experience in doing community service, or share experience in doing other human services (such as online educational services, etc…) This is also where you can write teaching material on how to set up a curriculum vitae or a resume, how to create effective PowerPoint presentations, and more! (And if you do, it will count as community service)

Volunteer Experience

  • If you’ve done community service or other volunteer projects, including online projects and want to share your experience, do so here! This is where you can inspire others to pursue doing community or other types of services in the hopes of helping others. We only ask that the experience is presented in an encouraging and inspiring manner. (Keep submission below 500 words)

Volunteer Ideas

  • You don’t think you have any volunteer or service experience worthy of sharing? While we may disagree with you, we still wanted to give you an opportunity to share something and this is the category to do so. If you have an idea for community services, or you have some general community service commentary or area of interest, submit and we will work with you to get it published on our website. Maybe someone will read it and contact you with tips or an opportunity to collaborate. This is also where to share what volunteer work means to you and how you can incorporate your education with volunteer work and community services. (Keep submission below 500 words)

Professional Advice

  • Do you have advice on how to write a curriculum vitae or a resume for high school and college students or even for working adults? Do you have advice on giving effective presentations, whether poster presentations or PowerPoint presentations? If you do, this is where you can submit your advice and expertise in order to help people better relay their works. If you do submit an advice topic, we only ask that you find a way to link it to human health and/or humanities. It’s easier than it sounds to find that connection! (Maybe discuss that human beings have been presenting ideas for thousands of years, and today’s method is electronic… or you can discuss how our mode of presenting ideas has changed t it’s current “PowerPoint” stage) Those are just two ways you can link your advice on presenting to the human experience. (Keep submission below 500 words, and feel free to submit as a PowerPoint, electronic poster, or other compatible file)

Read the criteria above carefully, and we will make sure to work with you to get your submission published. All submissions should be in a Word or PDF file. Please email all inquiries and submissions to:

To submit an essay, short story, poem, article review, research, or art work to MOVE Editorial, please read the criteria and help us work with you in getting your post published. Submit all posts to!

  • Posts should include:
    • Author name and/or pen name
    • Date of the post
    • Proper references either in APA, AMA, or MLA format
    • Proper title for the post
    • A picture to be featured with the post
  • Once accepted the post will be subject to standard font and size
  • The post will be subject to revision before being published
  • We will work with you to publish your post, and if we decline a post, we will give you ample ideas and opportunities to re-submit

MOVE Editorial Disclaimer:

The views and opinions expressed by the individual authors do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of MOVE Editorial.


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