Narrative (noun): a story that is told or written

Narrative. (n.d.). Retrieved February 3, 2015, from

In this section we are looking for personal stories! We are looking for narratives of most kinds, and we welcome you to share your stories, whether normal day-to-day events or more profound encounters, this is where you can share your story!

Clinical narratives:

  • Clinicians, nurses, psychologists, and others should submit their experience with patients, while maintaining the patient’s full privacy and anonymity. We want personal stories that may relay triumph, sorrow, or profound insights. The encounter may also be an ordinary everyday encounter with a patient, and that maybe the beauty of the story altogether. We sometimes gloss over experiences that we classify as mundane, but at further examination, the mundane is only mundane because we treated it and labeled it so!

Personal narratives:

  • Teachers, students, engineers, and anyone else with a personal story of a unique encounter with someone may submit under this category. Remember, a unique encounter may be a very ordinary encounter with a person, place, or “thing”, but the way it is written, worded, and remembered is what may bring out the uniqueness. Do not hold back because you think you do not have a “unique” encounter, as everyday we have some encounters that are overlooked, but at a more thorough investigation, some good story-telling can be made! As for encounters with things, some of us have memories with a toy, a pet, a collection of rocks, etc…

Please keep submissions in this section below 1000 words. Exceptions can be made if you have a longer story to share!

Genetic Engineering By Dr. Mohamed Osman

Genetic Engineering
By Dr. Mohamed Osman


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