Volunteer Journal

Volunteer (noun): a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service

Volunteer. (n.d.). Retrieved February 3, 2015, from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/volunteer

Submit your experience with volunteer work, community, or other human service that you’ve done and it could be featured in this section! You don’t have volunteering or service experience? Well, do you have an idea for a project or an organization? If you do, you can submit that here as well. We want to encourage students and professionals to write about their ideas for community service, share their experience in doing community service, or share experience in doing other human services (such as online educational services, etc…) This is also where you can write teaching material on how to set up a curriculum vitae or a resume, how to create effective PowerPoint presentations, and more! (And if you do, it will count as community service)

Volunteer Experience

  • If you’ve done community service or other volunteer projects, including online projects and want to share your experience, do so here! This is where you can inspire others to pursue doing community or other types of services in the hopes of helping others. We only ask that the experience is presented in an encouraging and inspiring manner. (Keep submission below 500 words)

Volunteer Ideas

  • You don’t think you have any volunteer or service experience worthy of sharing? While we may disagree with you, we still wanted to give you an opportunity to share something and this is the category to do so. If you have an idea for community services, or you have some general community service commentary or area of interest, submit and we will work with you to get it published on our website. Maybe someone will read it and contact you with tips or an opportunity to collaborate. This is also where to share what volunteer work means to you and how you can incorporate your education with volunteer work and community services. (Keep submission below 500 words)

Professional Advice

  • Do you have advice on how to write a curriculum vitae or a resume for high school and college students or even for working adults? Do you have advice on giving effective presentations, whether poster presentations or PowerPoint presentations? If you do, this is where you can submit your advice and expertise in order to help people better relay their works. If you do submit an advice topic, we only ask that you find a way to link it to human health and/or humanities. It’s easier than it sounds to find that connection! (Maybe discuss that human beings have been presenting ideas for thousands of years, and today’s method is electronic… or you can discuss how our mode of presenting ideas has changed t it’s current “PowerPoint” stage) Those are just two ways you can link your advice on presenting to the human experience. (Keep submission below 500 words, and feel free to submit as a PowerPoint, electronic poster, or other compatible file)

Exceptions to word limits can be made if you have more to share!


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